Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pieces of the Week...

Fall is suppose to be here
But I'm glad summer decided to stick around for a tad bit longer
Because my plan this weekend is to go to the beach as much as possible
I need a tan...
Well actually I don't NEED it esp because this year I've learned to really appreciate my light olive skin tone that my Mom is always nagging me about to take care of
She said once I get older I'll regret loving the sun so much
She's SUPER Korean-esque lol
Typical Korean Mothers nag like crazy
She's constantly nagging me about my " bad shopping habit"
That I try to hide from her

So NVM Mom,
I'm going to the beach to tan
But I promise to put a thin layer of that super white sunscreen you gave me...

Last night I realized something
That old friends are most likely forever and that new friends are much more clever
I bet only I know what that means...'s are a few pieces that inspired me today
  Henrik Vibskov - Knot Palace Cardi
D RK SH D W by Rick Owens - Denim Leather Jacke
Lover - Gallery Shorts
Mulberry - Oversized Alexa
Boy by Band of Outsiders - Metal Watchbands Belt
Red Nail Polish, L

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