Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Timo Weiland "Most Improved Collection"

The "more-is more" outlook on their spring collection really does catch a lot of attention
Although for most men in LA, this may be a little too much for your regular outing
It definitely sparks my interest if I were looking to style a man looking for a little more pep in their step
I say this collection makes me wonder...
Do I rather be a man?
As chaotic as it seems at first glance
It actually is very simple...
Take a look at it for a while and you really start to think that each singular piece is actually very common
I'm not so much of a unique crazy "out of this world" dresser myself, but I love the experimentation and the risk that designers take, ESP during spring
That's when all the bright colors come BOOMING out and the CRAZY stripes start flying...
And I appreciate it...
I mean, I think by now, you would know I don't post a lot of stuff for men, but Timo really caught my eyes
 and had me even tilt my head a few times wondering...
"Why wear one primary color when you can put on both"
EXACTLY my point...

Timo Weiland Men Spring 2011

Reminds me of C.A. ;)

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