Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get me a pot to plant these in...

For someone who doesn't like floral
I've been finding some really awesome floral stuff
But it makes me sad that Summer is almost over
I think I went to the beach only like 5 times this summer
What a bummer
It's because all week i work, study, and work out
And by the time the weekend comes
I have to shop, explore and create stuff
Oh well...
I think summer ended a long time ago for me
The only thing that was nice about it was that i was able to wear short shorts and barely a top at night
But knowing me
I don't think that fall/winter weather will stop me either
Too bad these are 800 bucks
I wish my dad would just give in and let me just "borrow" his credit card
I promise I won't go overboard

Anyways, these may be a little too much, but it looks like it would be super duper cute with high waist denim paired with a black crop top or something...

Love, L

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