Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I never have time to blog anymore
And actually I've been feeling really guilty for all my spendings...
Completely splurged @ Bloomingdales this weekend on this dope new UK brand I'm obsessed with called All Saints
They have the best leather jackets I've seen so far
Raw and Edgy and completely constructed by a genius
I don't dig thre graphic tanks and tees, but their jackets are sent to me from heaven
Except the damage to my credit card was a sign from hell
Aja got to see first hand once again the insanity in my eyes when I shop
It's not the first time shes witness my shaking and pacing
But she did admit I'm a fast shopper
She thinks I have a problem, but she also understands my passion.
Damage done - 1 hr, $2000.00
Don't tell me dad...
He'll make me hold two Encyclopedia's over my head for 30 minutes
No joke
And that shit hurts

So i don't think my skin color looks good in anything beige or light grey, but this blog is not always about me me me.
Kimono style coats with a deep V neck with lace up boots and simple leather/canvas totes.
Oh and Philip Lim's infinite creations including a shearling beige jacket

I like to say Hi to the boy that wore the grey Supra
 Alongside a dope grey bomber jacket...
Hi =)

I told you I dedicate one post to you...
It's pretty easy
I just write

"Dedicated to the Supra Boy"

Sick, L

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