Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...

Hmmm...yea... FUCK OFF!!
Not to anyone specific...
Just in general
Is that worse or better?

So I'm obsessed with these Dr Martens...

Here's a small story of my adventure...
A while back...
D and I were shopping in Melrose
When she saw a pair of floral Dr Martens on a window display
We walked in and there it was
The mirrored shoes that I had been sooo curious about days before
I saw it online, but was semi-iffy
But it was a beautiful
Clean and crisp
Like water
So I semi-haggled with the sales person
Who kept spitting while feeding me bullshit after bullshit, "Only you can pull this off, I've never seen anyone wear these shoes so perfectly!!! I would never sale these to anyone, but you" blah blah blah
Too be honest
It's not that hard
These shoes are pretty simple

Anyways I think he sold it to me for around 109 or something
I can't remember

Anyways I love them
And even if I don't wear it as often as I should
I still take them out of its home every once in a while
And I swear
I smile
Like a physco shopaholic

It's been a while, L

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