Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What It Do My D...

She's camera shy
Uhhh...Yea right...she's not shy at all...
Something about D's almost 7inch heels well tell you she's far from shy
Her baby sisters and I make fun of her
Her impossible idea of the infinite 7 inch heels
D, if your reading this, 7 Inch heels are not that common
But I love that fact that you haven't given up
"That's My Girl"

You look like an import model by the way LOL

New Shirt development yesterday with Mom's

Need Clip Hangers for our Leather Pocket Denim Shorts
Need a New Sewing Machine Part
 Need Lee & David Trash Bags
Need Our Rubber Band Samples ASAP
Need One More Garment Rack
Need Price Tags
Need To Go Thrift Store Hunting
And So On The List Goes.......

Wearing One of My Slouchy Shirt My Mom Got Me From Japan (becasue she was barely wearing anything before)
Cut Of Booty Shorts (D likes it when the cheeks show)
Bebe Platforms (too high for most people)

I Love You, You Love Me

P.S. We are THIS fucking cheesy all the time...

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