Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"You Look Like You Hate My Guts" - ART JEFFERSON

Photo Shoot With Art
I don't think I'm made out for serious pictures
ESP with my braces (can't wait till they come off)
D actually took these in the background with my Canon
I miss that day...
It was so much fun
Sometimes i really wish i had a time machine
So i can go back and forth to the past, present, and future
Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
These are my favorite days
I would probably play them out the most on my time machine
Anyways, i woke up sleepy because i lost my Dannijo ring last night
Aja and her flashlight went back with me to a deserted parking lot @ 11PM because I'm a freak and i thought just maybe, just maybe it would still be there waiting for me
But no, the street cleaning truck guy was already making his round around the parking lot and it's probably chillin' inside one of those big bins
Lucky Bin
Super sad
Debating on buying another one
This time in Rose Gold
Dannijo Ring 84 Bucks
But i don't think i can afford it right now
Help me


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