Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This One's for my Cousin JEE

Yo Cuz
You checked out my blog a few months ago and you fell in love with this Wedny Nichol Bag
The soft leather
The braided tassel
The handmade cuts
And the GOLD spike, bam
The ajustable shoulder straps that turns this normal purse into a backpack
It's you
Everything happens for a reason
The way we reunited
Through email
And you even convinced me to give Facebook a chance
"Free Advertising" Bob said
Well the next thing you know
You were inspired by this purse on my blog
Well good news...
It's @ Shopbop.com
Free Shipping + NO SALES TAX
Straight up 518 Bucks
Hopefully you can afford it right now even after your hefty camera purchase
But if you can't at least you know I'm looking out for you
And forreals, sometimes we have to buy things we can't afford
It makes us love it that much more
I would know

Love Your Little Cousin,

1 comment:

  1. yo. do all your relatives have the name jee? how do you distinguish?!? lol jk <3


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