Friday, August 13, 2010

I Want To Talk To Phillip...Mr. Lim...

Look at how soft that leather looks
Maybe its becasue it's waxed leather
There's a touch of trench on this motorcycle jacket that I'm dwelling on
The criss crossing, i can't get over it 
The belt just hangs...
I love the silver hardware
So shiny like its just been polished
I really just want to touch it and smell it
It looks like it would smell really good

Yo D, If you reading this...
What's that perfume you had on your wrist last night?

I can't afford it, but i don't mind just appreciating a simply unique leather jacket
I fall into leather jackets
I love clothes
I really do...

At times I love it so much I get sad...

Phillip Lim
Waxed - Leather Biker Jacket
1,100 Bucks


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