Friday, August 13, 2010

Art Jefferson - Color Rising...Just The Beginning Of A Beautiful Freindship

Stylist and fashion blogger Tiffany Kim is constantly up on the latest styles and trends globally. Her site “Funky Fraîche” provides current information on what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion world.

AJ-What is your definition of style?
TK-I don’t know, but its a reason why people think i have a split personality disorder. One minute I’m Goth, next day I’m hippie grunge teen, following day I’m funky fresh in neon colors, crazy.
AJ-What current fashion trends have caught your eye in a good way?
TK-Bras, bras, bras, let em show!
And Navajo print. I’m currently looking for the perfect pair of Navajo print shorts
Ohhhh, and anything with leather sleeves…i just bought a green utility jacket with black leather sleeves. I’m loving the mixture with leather right now.
AJ-Do you feel that many people fall victim to the idea that style is based on a name brand and not the mixture of individuality with the clothing?
TK-Yes. Don’t get me wrong i am obsessed with designer name pieces, but a lot of people completely disregard everything else they are wearing by assuming, that one brand name item will take over and make them look awesome, WRONG. It’s all about the presentation and the way you rock your shit. Sometimes I feel more confident in my $3 boyfriend jeans from Salvation Army, paired with an old dingy cropped shirt i cut up, then when I’m wearing my classic $300 BCBG blazer.
AJ-Who are some of your favorite designers and why?
TK-Alexander Wang -I love HIM as a person. I own two of his purses, the Diego, and the Rocco, and its more like a collectors item for me, like the way people collect coins, and comic books.
Rag & Bone-Awesome jackets and every piece is always bold in the simplest way possible.
Helmut Lang-I love his combination. Example, Leather and stretch Denim.
I need to stop right here because I can literally go on forever… this is why i can never be a full on designer with my own label (minus the fact i have no funds right now). I appreciate a variety of designers. I want to be a supporter.
AJ-In your opinion, what makes a stylish guy or woman?
TK-Taking risks. Being obsessed. You HAVE to be obsessed with clothes.
AJ-Tell me about your Funky Fraîche blog.
TK-Letters to my best friend about my addiction with clothes, shoes, accessories, and boys. Every girl needs to vent right? Fashion is my cheating boyfriend that I’ll never leave and my blog is my best friend.
AJ-I know you’re also masterminding your own pieces and designs. What type of clothing can we look forward to?
TK-Vinatge cut-off denim shorts with vintage leather back pockets. Tanks, lots and lots of rayon blend slouchy black and white tanks, the most basic piece in my closet.
Cuffs…tough sleek steel cut cuffs, with me and my partners brand engraved, LEE & DAVID…layers and layers of our cuffs on peoples wrist, that’s my dream…
Black and Off White Rubber Band bracelets…we’re bringing them back!!
And lastly, we’re working with leather tassels…
AJ-Finally, what entertainer, artist, politician, ect…do you feel can use serious styling!?
TK-Hmmm, there’s way too many…but who am i to judge, everyone has their steez, right?

Art Jefferson
Please don't move away ART!!!

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