Sunday, January 16, 2011

BUCKLER Spring 2011

Lately I've been increasingly interested in getting more familiar with menswear
What kind of options are out there for men these days?
The men around my area are not "willing" to try something different
To be a little bit more masculine sometimes you have to be willing to be more feminine

But for those who aren't willing to dive into extremes...
Andrew Buckler decided to stick with more "normal" menswear this season
A little more athletic and not to dangerous
Just a few drop-crotch leggings...
Nothing too extreme...

I like this...line up...
It's clean and theres a few touches of that black/grey/white plaid that I enjoy seeing so much from time to time...



  1. This clothes is amazing and the models are very handsome!! =]
    your blog is very cool!
    i'm following you!

  2. Just found your blog. I a really loving it. Now following you on bloglovin. I am on there too.

    I am in love with this guys last look. I really think its classy and clean.

    Keep it up!


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