Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I almost didn't believe this for a second.
One of my favorite designers, Helmut Lang has come out with handbags and clutches.
I can't wait to get my hands on these, seriously.

Red, Leather Snakeskin  or the Simple Polished Black Leather?

So Simple I LOVE IT
This is why I love fashion
It keeps me on my toes
I never know what my favorite designers are brewing up
Even the ones that aren't on my favorite list manages to shock me.
The endless directions they take...dangerous, with all the sharp turns.

Q:How much do I love and appreciate the work of Helmut Lang?
A: Just so I can have a piece of his clothing (since everything is way to expensive for my income right now)
I saw a "everyday" white shirt on the sale rack @ Bloomingdales a few weekends back...
When i mean on was still 100 Bucks...
But it was the perfect chance to hang one of his pieces in my closet
And it is THE PERFECT white tee...

Hot water, not working in my apartment, but I manage to take a cold body shower and feeling slightly sick as usual...but it's better than being dirty...

Can't wait for the weekend to come...
To see people I haven't seen in a while

<3, L

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