Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Minute Their Open, Then The Next Their F*@%in Closed

So we had just finished working
Tired and buzzed off of wine and ideas
D and I decide we're hungry
So, I search and call the local Sushi places around my house
Then i switch out everything from my Rocco to my Diego
That took me like 15 minutes
D needs ciggs
Off to Savons
Then we arrive at this cute Japanese Sushi spot and before we go in, D and I split a cigarette
Literally 5 minutes later, they switch their sign,

Pretty annoyed, but we ended up going to another Japanese restaurant and had bomb Udon and split a Sapporro.

Slouchy Black Top, but I'm so tiny i wear it as a dress sort of...underneath is a asymmetrical tank top by PCH.
MIA boot camp style boots that i love so much.
And of course my Alexander Wang Mesh Diego Purse

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