Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The New "IT" Bag

These new clutches and carryalls are a MUST HAVE...
They are pretty pricey, but they are pretty timeless and I think will go a long way.
It's kind of like my obsession with the Alexander Wang Rocco....

Read this article from Refinery29.com and maybe you'll be convinced:
"You've lusted after the PS1. You've dreamt about the Alexa. But, let's face it, so has everybody else. We know you want to get in on the next It Bag before the rest of Hollywood, Manhattan, and everywhere in between. So, here's a tip--we think new handbag line 1 Per Diem has the X-factor. Take a step back into the New York of yesteryear with designer Vanessa Espinosa, who's crafted a 3-piece collection inspired by 19th century train cases. After working at Commes des Garçons and Issey Miyake, Espinosa decided to set out on her own and apply her expertise to create clutches and carryalls that are both refined and exotic. The purposely pared down line first debuted during Fashion's Night Out at Brooklyn boutique Thistle & Clover and is now also available on the brand's website, which launched on the first of October. These babies are NYC born and bred, all manufactured right here in the Big A--the three styles are named for the cobblestone streets that influenced Espinosa: the Crosby, ($1,180), the Mercer ($785), and the Bowery ($635). They're all made with antique hardware and available in black goatskin, lizard skin, and black pebbled lambskin, meaning you can choose to go dressy or more everyday. If those don't fit your fancy, the Mercer and the Bowery are also customizable in an array of Ostrich and Python skins (prices vary). We know they don't come cheap, but trust us, they're investment pieces, not a passing fad, that will incite bag-envy, well, forever."

"Since we're convinced that these bags are about to blow up, we want you to get your paws on one of the purses before the rest of the crowd. And of course, we're giving you a little help—enter promo code "refinery29" when ordering from 1 Per Diem and you'll get an exclusive 20% discount on what's sure to become the item of envy of all your friends." 

Are you convinced???
If not, try going directly to the source

I'm pretty hooked right now and trying to figure out a way to get a hold of the carryall and the clutch...Oh No...


  1. i think i'm in love with that first bag!


  2. I've got the Mercer clutch and the Bowery! The bowery is one of the coolest bags to have and i take it everywhere!

  3. I posted about this too!



  4. How about cruelty free materials? Don't want to have tortured dead animals hanging from my shoulder.

  5. thank you for supporting FILIPINO TALENT and PRODUCT!


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