Monday, October 25, 2010


OMG... I've had the honor of seeing these in person
It's not often you see a pair of Acne's being worn around in Califronia or anywhere in US for that matter
But yes, these are amazing in person
I mean it...
I love ACNE
One of my favorite brands, designers, and collections.
Their jackets are crisp, modern, and to die for
Their shoes are the the past, present and the future
Their accessories are IT and the NOW

Check out their website becasue I have a feeling you'll know exactly what I'm talking about


"Needle high heel leather sandal with an enclosed ankle heel connecting to an adjustable ankle strap with stud fastening. Front foot strap and vertical center front strap connects to the ankle strap with metallic painted D-ring detail. Front platform comfortably suede covered. Straps in metallic painted Italian leather. Hardware painted to match leather straps.  
A sharp heel that might look unsteady, but is actually real steady. 
100% Cow Leather
Heel height 11.5 cm. Platform front 1.5 cm"

Sunday Afternoon...French Men, Mimosas, and Crepes...delicious ;)


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