Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rag & Bone Resort 2011

Chic and Edgy
This is why I love Rag & Bone...
I could wear this to work and to a casual night outing
Sexy, but not slutty
Manly, but not scary
HAHA scary?
You know what I mean right?

Going out Friday
and Sunday
I love the sound of that already
Friday - Party with the gal's
Saturday - Go to a dope wedding, party, come home and get ready to go to my favorite ex-roommates show in LA
Sunday - Happy Hour and a possible date...o-la-la

Wish me luck that this weekend i won't spend another 2G's
That would be horrible

And that I won't regret anything...hahaha...

Lovely Day to be anywhere else but here @ work

Bye, L

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