Thursday, September 16, 2010

Machine Washable

It seems Jeremy Scott's popularity in Asia is growing rapidly fast
Everyone in Korea seems to be rocking his stuff these days
Famous Korean popstars from G-Dragon to 2PM
If you don't know them...
Please do your research
You won't regret it

I love taking my clothes to the drycleaners
And even more so, looove picking up my drycleaning

The crazy part is, that I end up dry cleaner some of my favorite graphic tees so that it never loses that crisp look.
I have a feeling even though this shirt advises to machine wash...
I might dry clean it maybe once or twice
For that "I just bought this the other day" effect

190 Bucks

It comes in black too...
But the white works for me...
Jewelry Metal Smiting Class Tonight

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