Friday, August 20, 2010

Working Hard For That Money

Constantly preparing for Sep 12th
Yesterday, "Dude, I think we might have to push back the date, we need like 2 extra weeks"
D freaks the fuck out, "NOO, we have to do this on the 12th"
Of course i give in to her sad face
I love her

We realized yesterday that we are IN A RELATIONSHIP
I'm even down to change my status to IN A RELATIONSHIP on my facebook
Becasue i pretty much am IN A RELATIONSHIP with D
I don't have time for anybody else right now and i spend at least 2/3 of my week with her

I don't like being so public, but after starting this blog, i have to be
So D and I got in our first fight the other day
The most horrible day for both of us
But making up was sooo awesome
Definitely closer than we have ever been
Now we are close enough to admit that we NEED each other
Dear D,
You can be vulnerable with me...
Love you,

Oh by the way, do you love the way i wore that silver vintage belt as a necklace
My best idea ever

American Apparel Crop Hot Pink Tank
Home made Cut Up High Waist Shorts From My Apartment
TOMS shoe


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