Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Velvet Hangers

I love my black velvet hangers
I hate my iphone4
Drop calls all the time
D and I attempted to talk almost 6 times last night and each time the call would drop
Until finally I found a space in my apartment where i actually got reception
D finally said "I officially hate your fuckin' phone"

Anyways, I did some massive damage to my credit card last week
D and i walked into 3 stores in a matter of one hour and i ended up spending nearly 300 bucks
But that wasn't it
After crying
D takes me to the American Apparel warehouse store where i spent around 100 bucks
I know we should have stopped there, but it's kind of our routine
Hit up LA, then stop by the warehouse
"High Waist Lace Shorts" is all I have to say

Sunday with Art in an empty apartment, Photo shoot day.
New Outfits and even a Video Interview
Amazing material for my blog
Re-hanging my babies and trying to get some reception on my iphone4 as always.

Black Knit Dress from Virgo in LA
It hangs amazingly except for the fact that it is slightly dangerous when you lean to far over. My little boobs manages to creep out, but its not much to see.

All my usual silver accessories (minus my Dannijo ring I lost...still bummed) plus my jade cross necklace hanging beautifully on a red string

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