Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kate Moss

Kate Moss
September 2010
The first outfit is beautiful
Bold stitching on a leopard fur jacket paired with a bright red leather pants.
The rest is history

Great News of the Day = D and I got our first commercial garment rack shipped in, got our box of black hangers, and the photoshoot on Sunday definitely straightened up some new and old ideas.

Things to do = Sals, recreating some old clothes, possible dyeing experiment, D dyeing my hair, and just about everything.

Oh and last but not least, bought a new pair of Vera Wang shoes...yay...it's coming tomorrow!!

I'll take pictures as soon as i get em...

Oh and i bought this dope Reformed Black Leather Sleeves Utility Jacket and a cross ring...excited

Strangely Motivated, L

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