Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear D,

Can we just face the facts?
No matter how rich we get
We will ALWAYS be broke
Let's not be depressed about it
Let embrace it
I know what your thinking,
"That's something L would say"

Just spend 199.00 online today in a matter of 5 minutes
(I didnt say 200.00 because 199 just looks more like a deal)
I think i texted you in the morning about this
We should be focusing on the big picture, right?

"L, health is more important than clothes right?"
This is what you asked me yesterday as you left the doctors offic
And i said, "Ummmm"
Who even has to think about that?
My dad would have slapped me by now accross the head if he even knew I was thinking that

I love you D
Your the only one that gets me
That's why your coming over tonight
"So we can take over the world"

Reminder of the day,
We are strong, we are confident, we believe, 

Love, L

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