Sunday, August 8, 2010

Coming Together


Meeting almost every Wed, Thurs, Sun
Consistently talking on the phone all week, emailing different Rubber Band Companies, Engravers, Etc
Busy Busy Busy
Got this dope sewing machine from my Mama
Its a Juki and heavy as hell, but in great condition
Ran into some disappointments,
Didn't know the cost of mass rubber band order would be so expensive...
Engraving, 3 Bucks per letter, hmmm,decided we need to look around
Shin's been helping us out here and there which D & I really appreciate
So glad he's in both of our lives
We finished 2 bottles of Charles Shaw, pinot grigio and merlot
Thai Food from Three Spice Thai

D wearing all black,Harem pants from H&M, and a really super duper comfy black tank top from Urban
I'm wearing a one piece jumper from the thrift store i had to alter to fit my bust and waist
I have No boobs, at all

So our first garment rack seems full, but we still have soooo much shit
Ordered another commericial garment rack from Walmart for like 90 bucks
Forgot to take the another one from my cousin last night
So we have a total of 3 garment rack now which is more than what we were expecting so that makes me really happy because we're running low on money

Yay, L

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  1. You know if you go to downtown, they have stores that sell garment equipments.. such as clothes rack. A double rack is like 80 bucks. u got jipped. sorry. :)


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