Thursday, August 12, 2010

Adding To My Collection...Welcome Shoes

So these just arrived yesterday to my work
The boxed was taped up  ridculously so it took me forever to rip it up with my key
D just said something about all the boxes in my car
I don't wait till i get home to tear up any shipments
So there's a bunch of empty boxes in my car
Anyways, i wanted these a while ago when it first came out, but they were about 400 bucks and i had just bought the Alexander Wang Diego at the time
I literally just came upon them couple days ago on Eday
Some guy was selling it for 199 becasue he bought it for his wife, but she never wore it
I haggled with him and he let me pay 175 plus 15 shipping
Yea, that's what i did at work on Tuesday
Fast shipping too, i think he lives in Van Nuys
Anyways, i don't if you can tell, but the leather is extremely soft and even the sole is leather so it's really comfortable
I can't wait to wear them with my gray trouser shorts
Story of my life, fashion missons

Vera Wang Lavender

Morning L

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