Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Deal

So about a month and a half ago i bought the Jeffrey Campbell "Snick" after days of trying to find the perfect summer tan wedges to go with my new hobo-ish pants i scored at the Pasadena flea market. 
I ended it buying it twice becasue after i purchased a size 5.5 on i came across the same pair at Nordstroms for 5 bucks cheaper in size 5 which is my perfect fit in heels. 
But good thing i ordered the pair from Nordstroms becasue come to find out there are two shades of tan colors that they sale in these.
The one at Singer22 was super light, while the pair at Nordstroms is a more darker tan.
I didnt know this, but the JC Snick is a knockoff from the original Celine in Camel which originally cost 790 bucks.
Top - Celine Camel 790 bucks
Bottom - Jeffrey Campbell 120 bucks
Can you really tell the that there is a 600 dollars difference? Nahhh i don't think so.
So I feel good today.
Love Lee

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