Thursday, April 1, 2010

Discussion Time...

Tipsy amd concentrated...leaving my Alexander Wang unattended on the dirty ground...Sorry Diego, I wasnt thinking...good thing your studded out like crazy on the bottom and you've got your Acne sidekicking it with you.
David, aren't you so glad you found Ebay? That new purse on you seems small and quaint, good for shoving in stuff and a butt cushion it looks like...sitting on leather is always nice, but so mean. At least it will protect your shorts.
David's cropped stripe shirt and trouser shorts from some random store in Melrose that David walked past by then stopped looked back around and said "i have a feeling there's going to be some dope stuff inside". And of course she was right because we both walked out of the store saying "Man, we did it again...weren't we just eye shopping today?"
David trimmed my tights/bangs for me before we went out...second-hand beach tank top "I'm in a Good Mood, NOT!", from one of my new fave store that David introduced me to, Virgo in Downtown LA. 

Acne Atacoma
Alexander Wang Mesh Diego Bucket Bag
American Apparel Nail Polish in Poppy


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