Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear D...

I feel you...I feel you...went into an anxiety mode yesterday while clicking through the handbags and shoes preview for Alexander Wang Fall 2010...
So this is what happened...

"What am I gunna do??".
Checked my Bank Account.
Did some math on my expense/income. (bunch of crazy numbers scribbled everywhere)
Attempted to find ways to save money.
Tried to figure out ways to buy all of them. 
Realized that, that was not possible.
Then got depressed that i couldn't have all of them.
Went back to the pictures to pick out just 3 that i really liked.
Then realized "What the hell am i thinking... picking out " just 3"! Can't barely afford one".
Thought about getting a second job.
 Went on craigslist for job listings...under hostess, waitress, retail, whore.
Then felt anxious.
Got some green tea.
Then realized, their not even out yet.
Then minimized the page and realized I am obsessed.

D...Can you relate? 
I know you understand.
This is why we are Besties.


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