Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diego'ing These Days Ain't Easy

David and I were able to desperately make our mind up a couple weeks ago and we purchased Diego @ (it was sold out in a matter of days and we knew it would because who doesnt love free shipping, no sales tax, and free returns within 15 days!).
Story of that one day:
1.Texting back and forth from 8AM-7PM with David trying to convince each other why Diego was worth the -825.00 in our accounts.
2.Total anxiety attack mode all day @ work, shaking my legs up and down, running my fingers through my hair and gripping my roots because my head hurt from thinking too much.
3. Panic attack and worried phone calls from David till about 6PM, trying to calm her down from her own thoughts.
4. 8PM...get a phone call from David...she finally bought hers. She sounded so happy...
These are what most of our days add up to.We are shopaholics, but the best kind.

Alexander Wang - Diego Bucket Bag - Leather/Mesh/Black - $825.00

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